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Many of us consider what peace is a situation where simply missing the scary face of war. But if we look a little living conditions of the majority of people will see that the physical pain and mental anguish, have not disappeared from the countries typically do not experience a state of war. Finally, the 1.7 trillion spent worldwide on armaments in 2012, leave no room for doubt: peace is not here…

The international photo contest "Peace Is" in 2013, he chose as the theme "Rights of Children", inviting photographers to highlight good examples or to report violations, of the rights of the most sensitive and promising piece of humanity. Whatever the political, social or religious beliefs are, no one remains unmoved at the sight or news for individual or massive breaches of the fundamental rights of children:


health, education, housing, food, game, protection, equality, freedom.

We believe in children, we believe in the future of humanity. In a future where war and violence will belong to history. The rights of children, are the rights for the Future.

* The World Without Wars and Violence is an international organization that promotes Peace and Non Violence as personal and social life models as well as the unique \"passports\" for the future of humanity. In this context, any activity of human expression, serving to highlight and cultivation of these values. In recent years developing the \"Network of Schools for Non Violence\" in more than 15 countries. More can be found on the website:




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